About Have Good Arts

Wel­come to Have Good Arts! This is the art blog of artist, Bran­di P, from Bran­di P Cre­ative. I have decid­ed to sep­a­rate my blog as I gen­er­al­ly enjoy and take on all sorts of art projects, not just paint­ing. I want­ed to feel com­fort­able post­ing what­ev­er inspires me so here we are.

If you are won­der­ing where the name “Have Good Arts” came from, well you can thank my gor­geous and super sweet niece ZOEY for that. We were out to lunch with Zoey and when it came time to say good-bye for the day, she sim­ply said:

Have Good Arts!

Now that is an awe­some and thought­ful way to say good-bye to an artist. I thought to myself that day, she is awe­some. She took the time to think about what I love and encour­aged me to do it before we met again. What a clever and sweet lit­tle lady, right?

The best part is that I have been try­ing to come up with a blog name for­ev­er, but I didn’t want to just “pick some ran­dom name” or make some­thing up. I want­ed it to mean some­thing and now it does.

So, thank you Zoey for com­ing up with my new blog name. I am so grate­ful for it and to have you as my niece!